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Hydro X Pest Control Services

The climate on the Tweed and Gold Coasts is the perfect breeding ground for pests. This means that Pest Control treatments should be carried out every 12 months to ensure your home is kept clear from pests.

We are licensed Pest Management Technicians and are trained in the latest methods using the latest equipment. Where chemicals are used we use low toxicity chemicals to cause you the least amount of hassle going about your home.

For peace of mind we also offer warranty periods on out treatments so that if the pests return, we do too, at no extra cost

general pest control treatment

General Pest Treatment

A General Pest Treatment treats the three main kind of pests. 

- Cockroaches

- Spiders

- Silverfish

 This treatment is carried out both internally and externally so that not                  only are the pests inside your house taken care of but other pests do                                                                       not enter from outside

ant treatment lawn and house

Ant Treatment

Ants can be difficult to get rid of and require a somewhat different approach than regular pests. We treat ants both inside and outside of the home plus the ants in your lawn.

Ant treatments can be combined with a General Pest Treatment for a full, comprehensive treatment

End of Lease pest treatment

End of Lease or Vacating Pest Treatment

Some real estates will require a pest treatment at the end of the lease and are conducted after the house is vacated and the carpets cleaned. These generally fall into two categories.

Flea only Treatment - These treatments are usually carried out when the tenant has a pet and as a result only a flea treatment is used.


 Flea and Cockroach Treatment - If the property has signs of                                                                                  cockroaches and the tenant has had a pet the real estate agent may                                                                        request this type of treatment which treats both fleas and cockroaches.

Hydro X Carpet Cleaning and Pest Management

Rodent Treatment

Rats and mice not only carry disease but also cause damage to 


Our rodent treatment not only gets rid of the pests but we also work 

with the home owner to reduce the instances of rodents entering the property